Q: Where are you located?

A: Our office is located in Upper Canyon. While most of our cabins are in the Upper Canyon either right by or near us, some of them are not. If you want to stay in a specific area, feel free to call us so we can get you in the cabin that best suits your needs.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We have a 14-day cancellation policy. That means if you cancel within 14 days prior to your reservation, your cancellation fee is equal to one night of your stay. If you cancel before 14 days, there is a $35 cancellation fee. For Holidays, big events, multiple cabins, or stays 7 or more nights, the policy is 30-days. For the 2 weeks of Christmas and New Year’s there are no refunds for cancelations.

Q: What is provided in the cabins?

A: We provide linens, sheets, and towels. There is enough coffee to make 2 pots, 2 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, 2 bars of soap, 2 trash bags in each can. This will give you enough to get situated and get to the store. The kitchens are fully stocked with dishes, silverware, pots, pans, utensils, microwave, fridge, oven, stove, coffee pot. Most cabins/ condos have gas and/or charcoal grills. We provide the propane.

Q: What is the night minimum policy?

A: On holidays or big event weekends we have a night minimum. This helps us keep the rates of the cabins lower. There are times when we have a night minimum until closer to the time of the holiday or event and then we will release it for a shorter time period. Please call.

Q: During the winter months, what should we plan on for driving conditions?

A: For the most part, you will be fine with any vehicle. During the winter months, plan on inclement weather. You will definitely want to plan on having a 4-wheel drive or purchasing chains. They can be rented/purchased here in town or before you arrive in Ruidoso. Give us a call and we can point you in the right direction of where to get them.

Q: What is your pet policy?

A: We love your fur babies! Most of our properties are pet friendly. There is a one-time $35 fee per pet. We do ask that you leave your pet in a kennel if you are not in the cabin with them. We also ask that you clean up after your pet. We have stations around the property with waste bags and cans for this. Please make sure that you’re property says it’s pet friendly in the amenities. Unauthorized pets will be charged a $250 fine and/or asked to leave with no refund.

Q: What your cleaning policy?

A: We try to keep your cleaning costs at a minimum. In order to keep this cost effective for all of us, we do ask that you take your trashes to the dumpster, wash your dishes and put them away, and leave the cabin in overall good shape. We do charge $50 as a minimum if there is excessive cleaning or dirty dishes and trash.

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